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The Path Eclectic


   Premiered on WAMC on 12/26/2014  

Jim Henson from A to Zoe

After 42 years, five-time Emmy Award winning actress Fran Brill is hanging up her elevator boots. Before she does, the Sesame Street great takes one more stroll down the Cobblestone path with Muppets' performer Dave Goelz, as well as a host of Henson puppet builders and writers to tell the tale of Jim Henson from A to Zoe.

 Premiered on WAMC on 11/25/2011

Dave Goelz with Gonzo and Rizzo

 Going Gonzo for Jim Henson (see more photos in the gallery)

Dave Goelz has been known by many names. The one-time industrial designer worked for Hewlett-Packard, but is most famous as Gonzo. In 1973, Goelz joined the Henson crew - despite lacking any serious background in theatre or puppetry. Speaking with Andrew Hiller, Dave Goelz says it's a fairly anonymous life as a muppeteer- until folks see those characters and hear those voices.

     The world broadcast premier of Stripmall Ballads indie folk opera-- The Perfect Pipe Bomb.

Stripmall Balads' Phillips Saylor combines folk, blues, rock, country... 15 foot puppets and all the other ingredients necessary to make "The Perfect Pipe Bomb." The world premier of the opera occured at the Strathmore Arts Center in Bethesda, MD and went SRO. We recorded it live and met up with composer Phillips Saylor at intermission.

Cravin' Dogs at the Black Cat 1995 Photo Courtesy: Steve Reda

There probably aren’t many trails along the Cobblestone path that the Cravin’ Dogs haven’t wandered down. From dives and coffee shops to concert halls and outdoor venues the Dogs’ have played them all… well, a lot of them. Their music is a mix of gonzo folk and rock. I sat in on a rehearsal with them right before their 25 th anniversary show at Wolf Trap.

Cobblestones Cravin Dogs


Lt. Col. Ivan Ware Photo Courtesy of the National Air and Space Museum

Lt. Col. Ivan Ware has known war.For thirty-two months, he served in Europe.He’s been bombed at, shot at, and fought back.But his battles didn’t end with Germany’s surrender.Back in Ohio at Lockbourne Air Force Base, he was forced to engage in another important fight as a member of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Cobblestones Pioneers of Flight- Tuskegee Airmen in Transition

Chic Silber

You probably don't know Chic Silber, but you know the shows he's been a part of. He was a part of the original company of West Side Story, Carousel, Man of La Mancha and more than fifty other Broadway shows including modern productions such as Wicked and the upcoming Wonderland. He's been Broadway's the big top's magic man and special effects master for literally over 50 years. In addition, he's the guy who invented the spinning disco balls that the tigers danced on for Ringling Bros and a ton of high wire and smoke pot effects.

Andrew Hiller's Interview with Chic Silber on WAMU 88.5 FM